USD 231

CONGRATULATIONS to Katie Gehrt, English Teacher at GEHS, for being nominated AND selected as this week's Great Employees Serving the District award winner!  Katie is being recognized as a result of consistently demonstrating the ability to connect with students and always exceeding expectations as they relate to serving our student body, fellow employees, and the community at large.

Specifically, "My family thinks very highly of Ms. Gehrt. Her passion for teaching and love for her students is evident. She has the ability to connect with them on a personal level and makes them feel respected and valued. She sees the individual abilities of each student and motivates them to achieve at their highest level. My kids not only grew academically in her classroom but she also challenged them to be the best people they could be. My husband and I are grateful for Ms. Gehrt’s influence and investment in our kids."      ~ Sara Thomas - Parent/TRMS IR Para

Congratulations, Katie!

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