Counseling Staff

Counseling Office Phone: 913-856-2617

Counseling Office Fax: 913-856-2699

GEHS Counselors

Jan Bechard
Grade: 9

Stephanie Church

Last Name: A - G (Grades 10-12)

Jason Porter
Last Name H-O (Grades 10-12)

Chris Hansen
Last Name  P- Z (Grades 10-12)

Coordinator of Student Support Services

Melissa McIntire

Social Workers

Emily Hail

Alyce Weber

School Psychologist

Claudine Boldridge

Support Staff

Barb Wright

Becky Pyle
Counseling Secretary

The Counseling Center serves as an information and planning center for students in grades 9-12. Students are invited to visit the Counseling Center for information on the following topics:

  • Academic planning: planning your high school schedule - what courses should I take?
  • ACT Test Preparation - when to take the ACT test, online registration
  • Advanced Placement and Honors Coursework - are these courses right for me?
  • How to obtain College Credit while attending Gardner Edgerton High School
  • Graduation Requirements - am I on track to graduate?
  • Scholarship Applications and Information - local scholarships and the Senior Newsletter
  • Summer School Coursework - do I need to re-take a course during the summer?
  • Transcripts - request a copy of my high school transcript to be sent to a college or university

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