Parents sometimes wonder where to turn with a question or a concern regarding their child or other school issues. Starting “too high up the ladder” often slows the process and necessitates backtracking to gain relevant and required information. Additionally, it can inadvertently exclude valuable allies.

The real question is - When you are unhappy with a particular answer or solution, where should you go, what should you do? These guidelines may be helpful for everyone involved:

  • If it is a classroom concern, start with your child’s teacher. They are in the best position to address classroom-related issues. If the problem is outside the teacher’s area of expertise or control, the teacher will refer you to the right person.

  • If you cannot resolve the problem with the teacher, go next to your child's school counselor, then to the principal or the assistant principal, who will almost always be able to resolve your problem or refer you to the right person.

  • If you cannot resolve the problem at the building level, call or write Christi Whitter, Executive Director of Elementary Education, at (913) 856-2000 or, or Heather Peeke, Executive Director of Secondary Education, at (913) 856-2000 or

  • If you still cannot resolve your problem, call or write Ben Boothe, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, at (913) 856-2000 or, or Jody Marshall, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services, at (913) 856-2000 or

Finally, if you have still been unable to receive an answer to your question or concern, you are welcome to call or write the Superintendent, Dr. Brian Huff, at (913) 856-2004 or

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