In the Gardner Edgerton Unified School District, our school libraries play a vital role in nurturing the growth of successful independent readers, critical thinkers, and proficient researchers among our students. Over the years, the concept of school libraries has evolved from being confined within four walls to becoming dynamic, diverse spaces that offer a multitude of print and digital resources, catering to various teaching and learning needs.

Our dedicated school librarians follow an approved district library media curriculum to design and facilitate interdisciplinary learning experiences across the school. Their instructional efforts revolve around fostering information literacy skills, instilling a passion for reading, and promoting responsible digital citizenship.

In today's fast-paced world, students must develop the skills to navigate and contribute to a vast sea of information. The art of teaching 21st-century skills knows no bounds, and our school librarians play a pivotal role in guiding students to engage with information on a global scale. We believe in cultivating lifelong learners who are not just consumers but also producers of knowledge.