Student discipline in USD 231 shall be defined as all actions that support and guide student activities within a school and establish a climate designed to effectively achieve the district's purposes and objectives.

Appropriate discipline shall be administered based on the seriousness of the inappropriate behavior.

Consequences shall include, but not be limited to, the training and strengthening of student self-control in such a way as to contribute to the academic and social growth of each student.

Code of Student Behavior 
Schools must have reasonable rules for student behavior that are consistently enforced. They must also maintain safe, positive educational climates conducive to effective learning. Students shall be expected to adhere to appropriate codes of behavior established by the District and the schools.

District staff shall develop and enforce fair, firm, and consistent behavioral expectations within the schools. Behavioral expectations for students shall be age-appropriate and made clear to students, staff, and parents. Positive school citizenship shall be encouraged and reinforced within the entire school community.

Students shall be expected to become increasingly responsible for their own behavior as they grow older.

Every student shall be able to attend school and receive an education without fear of harm or injury to a person or property.  No person shall be allowed to endanger the safety of students or the district.