Each site has a full-time nurse who serves the health needs of students in our schools.  The health services team at USD 231 provides emergency care for all students who become ill or injured during school hours.  Parents are encouraged to speak with your child’s school nurse regarding any specialized care that would be required for your son or daughter while at school; i.e., allergies, asthma, seizures, and medications.  Additionally, there are forms that must be filled out and signed by a physician, along with parental consent.  These forms are available in each school’s main office or on the USD 231 school district website.

Per Kansas Statutes and Regulations, the following are required in order to attend USD 231 schools:

  1. Immunizations: Proof of immunizations must be presented before a student may attend class.

  2. Physical Examination: one physical examination is required up to age nine (9) for entry into Kansas schools for the first time. Physical may be obtained within 12 months before school entry.

A student will be sent home from school when exhibiting any of the following symptoms:

  1. Fever of 100 degrees or higher

  2. Red eyes with thick whitish drainage

  3. Undiagnosed rash

  4. Vomiting

  5. Diarrhea

  6. Severe cold symptoms (cough and congestion)

Parents should not allow their child to return to school until the child has been free of fever, vomiting, or diarrhea for a full 24 hours without medication. Please notify your child’s school of any diagnosed communicable diseases such as strep throat, chickenpox, etc. 

Important note regarding Influenza and COVID-19:  If either of these illnesses is physician-diagnosed, students will be excluded from school for five (5) days following onset of illness or duration of illness if the case is immune-compromised AND been fever-free for at least 24 hours. 

When a student requires medication while at school, Gardner Edgerton USD 231's health care staff will work with the parent and physician to ensure the student receives the correct medication dosage at the proper time(s). All medications administered by a Nurse, Building Health Assistant or trained/delegated staff member will meet the following requirements: 

  1. A written order from the student’s physician is required for all prescription medications and for any medications not included in number four below. These orders must be renewed at the beginning of each school year. In addition, a new order is required when any changes are made to the original order. The order must include the student's name, date, name of the medication, dosage given at school, time of administration, and route of administration.

  2. An adult must bring all medications in the original containers and/or packaging. Prescription medications must have a current pharmacy label.

  3. The receipt of all prescription medications will be counted and documented by a member of the Health Services Team while the parent/guardian is present. In addition, a Medication Acknowledgement form will be sent home with the parent/guardian to verify the product and amount received (duplicate records will be maintained in the School Health Office).

  4. An annual parental consent form is required to administer the following non-prescription medications: acetaminophen, ibuprofen, antacids, cough drops, lotions, creams, and ointments.

Please contact your child's school nurse for additional information on how medications (prescription and non-prescription) are dispensed during the regular school day. In addition, please know that USD 231 follows the Johnson County Health Department Exclusion Recommendations.

If the doctor orders restrictions, USD 231 requires a release from restrictions from the doctor. We can accept faxed orders if the parent calls the doctor and requests a fax.


Edgerton Elementary School
Lisa Bender, LPN
Telephone: 856-3509

Gardner Elementary School
Krysta Duft, BSN
Telephone: (913) 856-3345

Grand Star Elementary School
Melissa Smith, RN
Telephone: (913) 856-3754

Madison Elementary School
Angela Serrano, LPN
Telephone: (913) 856-0450

Moonlight Elementary School
Christi Hamm, RN
Telephone: (913) 856-3132

Nike Elementary School
April Richards, LPN
Telephone: (913) 856-3048

Sunflower Elementary School
Janice Haney, BSN
Telephone: (913) 856-3719

Pioneer Ridge Middle School
Carey Lantis, RN
Telephone: (913) 856-3809

Trail Ridge Middle School
Casey Rhea, RN
Telephone: (913) 856-3565

Wheatridge Middle School
Erin Valenta, LPN
Telephone: (913) 856-2906

Gardner Edgerton High School
Kristi Dye, BSN, Judy McDowell, MA,
Telephone: (913) 856-2618

Administrative Offices
231 E. Madison Street (physical address)
P.O. Box 97 (mailing address)
Gardner, Kansas  66030
Phone: (913) 856-2007